March 21st, 2009


In Reno

Arrived in Reno. I'm on the landlord's laptop as I have not unpacked anything yet. It was snowing over the Sierras but they hadn't closed the road to trucks so we made it. About 15 minutes out of the snow, we were in a dust storm with giant tumbleweeds... as huge ice chunks fell off our trucks!

I'm thinking of moving everything out of "my" room and putting them into "Linda's" room, because "my" room has a bathroom "in" it whereas "hers" has a bathroom just outside of it. But it's probably too much work to move all my boxes across into the other room, so I'll probably keep the arrangement as it is.

I'll have to buy a bed tomorrow morning. My dresser drawer, nightstand, and a big black trunk of my old newspaper articles and other old stuff did not come. Neither did my chair, so I'll be using a kitchen chair in my room for a week.

My piano did not make it. The movers I hired to pick it up in Santa Cruz between 10 a.m. and noon still had not picked it up after 4 p.m. so we told them to forget it and rescheduled them to pick it up first thing next Saturday morning -- to deliver it in Morgan Hill by 10 a.m. latest, so it can go in that final truck which also will have the washer and dryer and a few other things that didn't make this trip.

I will not be there for that trip though, so I have to hope the landpeople take care of it for me. Also have to hope that the narrow little ramp on these Budget trucks are wide enough for a piano dolly, and that their 1000-pound limit isn't really correct, as I think my piano is a little heavier than that!