March 23rd, 2009


First full day in Nevada report!

Woke up yesterday at about 8 a.m. A light snow was falling and covered the rooftops. It soon melted. I went outside in it with my camera and you'll see that video hopefully tonight if you check my YouTube channel.

Later, I went for a walk around the pedestrian paths throughout the neighborhood. I can't quite walk to the nearby outdoor mall (Summit Sierra Mall, I think they call it). So I turned around and went to the park, and walked around some other neighborhoods. It was lightly snowing with cold wind just after I started, but when I got back I was burnin' up.

So, with the weather clear, I decided I'd go ride the motorcycle to that outdoor mall, and then beyond to the grocery store. By the time I got my gear on and fixed the position of the clutch handle and mirror which had gotten messed up in the moving truck, it was overcast again.

I pulled into the mall and saw a Charley's Grilled Subs. I decided to eat there. Kiwi Lemonade is much yumness. I sat down with my turkey sandwich, turned to look outside to see what else was in the outdoor mall, and OMG BLIZZARD! An honest-to-goodness blizzard was coating everything on one side because the wind was blowing the snow completely sideways. I went outside for a moment to experience that. Even without my jackets on, it didn't feel particularly cold.

It subsided into a mild snowfall by the time I left. The air-cooled motorcycle did not like the temperature. I had to ride with the half-choke setting. It would idle without choke, but stalled the moment I tried to give it any gas.

I then rode to the grocery store down the road, and OMG BLIZZARD again. It wasn't sticking to the ground, so it was no different than riding in rain except for the foggy lack of visibility and the splatteriness of the ice blobs. Still, that's the first time I've ridden in a significant snowfall.

I got my hair cut and went to the grocery store, then went home in nice clear sunshine.

"If you don't like the weather, stick around for 10 minutes," is something that a guy in the sandwich shop had said.

The house heater doesn't work in my room, so I ended up putting on a toque and bundling up trying to sleep without much success. Hopefully the heat will be fixed this week. Next week, I'll have my space heater back, at least. Plus it'll be warm for the remainder of this week.

The house doesn't have phone outlets in any of the bedrooms. They all have ethernet, but we don't have it set up yet (just the cable internet in the living room and office space). Tonight I'll be installing a wireless bridge to use in the mean time so that I can be online from my own PC. We may end up with wireless phones or something in the rooms. I'll find out once the landline is installed (supposed to be today).

Today is a bright, clear day. Excellent views of the snow-capped Sierras.

More room coldness discoveries

OK, so the heater doesn't come on when set to "Auto". It only comes on when you turn it on manually. But what cannot be explained is why the floor in this room is 20 degrees colder than the floor in any other room -- even other rooms that are above the garage.

It's almost as if the builders forgot to put in the insulation layer when making the floor in this room. Brr.