March 26th, 2009


Mile-high club

No, not that Mile High Club!

But I did ride my motorcycle at over a mile above sea level for the first time today.

I decided instead of going into downtown Reno again, that I would head south to the DMV office in Carson City. Beautiful drive, that.

I forgot my birth certificate, so I couldn't get a Nevada driver's license today, but I was able to register Keepermobile Mk IV. Unlike California, which sends you a license plate in the mail 30 days later, in Nevada the clerk doesn't even leave her chair! Even for a motorcycle, she just reached under the counter and whipped out a license plate.

In California, the motorcycle plates just say "CAL" so that there is room for month and year registration stickers. In Nevada, the plate says "NEVADA" the same size as on the larger car plates. They have only one combined month/year registration sticker, but you have to cover up part of the state name to apply it. So my plate is a NEVAD plate. Heheheh. The clerk said, "It's OK; we know who we are!"

I'm keeping my Laguna Seca Raceway license plate frame, though, which reads "Monterey, California" on top.

I took the long way home, first going east on Highway 50 (passing certain establishments unique to Nevada), then taking the winding Truck Route to Virginia City (this is the route used for the Virginia City Hillclimb races), then continuing along over Geiger Grade Road into south Reno (i.e., home). The highest point is about 6700 feet above sea level. The views are spectacular!

I continued past home to buy a few more groceries. I decided not to go to the local Raley's this time, so went north to see what else was around. I found a WinCo, so did my shopping there. This grocery store has an enclave of slot machines in it. I had heard that they have slot machines in grocery stores here; this confirmed it.