March 28th, 2009


My piano is arriving

...and will be unloaded tomorrow morning. Huzzah!

I should carry a notepad with me when I go out so that I can take notes of what shops and restaurants etc. are where, so when penelopecat gets here, it'll be easy to go wherever she might want to go. Also it might be nice to have a list of from what streets in Reno one can get onto 395. There are plenty of streets with offramps from 395, but very few have onramps, and I end up going all over the place trying to find a way onto the darn thing. That it constantly crisscrosses with the old 395 (a.k.a. S Virginia St) doesn't help.

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License plate ponderings

I was thinking it might be fun to have a personalized license plate. In Nevada, a motorcycle plate carries a maximum of six characters.

Predictably, "KEEPER" is not available ("KIIPAA" is...).

Humorously, "CALIF" is available.

So what else is available, of toon or ragtime interest? Here are some:

YAKKO (WAKKO and DOT are not)
ZORT (POIT and NARF are not, but, for a car, "HA NARF" is, as is "NARFOLA" and "NARFADA")
EGAD (I have said "egad" since long before Animaniacs!)
AYPWIP ("Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?")
RAGTME (for a car, RAGTIME is not available)
DARN (don't DARN the luck! it's available!)
PU (my first online nickname; it's what I put on videogame high scores)
NO CAR (I like that!)

Although a straight number can't be used, "8T8" is available to make my lucky number of eighty-eight.

In case you're wondering, both "SKIPPY" and "SLAPPY" are not available. Neither is "SPEW"!
For a car, "CAVEGUY" is available. How sublime.
For a car, "BALONEY" is available! Yum yum doodle dum!
For a car, "RENHOEK" is available, you eediot!