April 2nd, 2009


Reminders for myself and anyone else interested in these things

Busy TV weekend ahead (and a test for the new unfortunately wireless internet connection I have -- so far it seems like the numbers look good until it starts actually downloading anything):

10 April: Red Dwarf -- Back to Earth
11 April: Doctor Who -- Planet of the Dead
12 April: A1 Grand Prix -- Algarve, Portugal (which hopefully I can just stream live off the A1GP site if I wake up early enough).

I should check out the demo of the Wallace & Gromit PC game too...

In other news, yes I did get my player piano back, but alas the sealant that kept important air tubes in place has become a slimy mess and no longer holds the tubes in place (or even one of the metal bits that should be glued to the wood). I'm not sure what I should use in an attempt to re-seal these tubes (which are modern bendy plastic piping (PVC?) for durability's sake).