April 3rd, 2009


Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!
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Hey, takineko, are you ready for that motorcycle ride?

Yeah, it snowed big time overnight. Spring is in the air! just not in Reno. That photo (and another I took of the front yard which you can see if you click on that photo and navigate) was taken at 9 a.m., after much of it had melted. It will be colder tonight, getting down to about 25 degrees, but is supposed to be clear.

In the pic, if you look at the largest version on flickr, you can see Stitch seemingly fighting off the snow on the tail of the bike. He's surrounded by snow, but is managing to keep it at bay!

Anyway, it's really official now. I got my Nevada driver's license in the mail today. OMG SCARY PICTURE! In California, they just had me look to the side a bit to get the glare off my glasses. Here, they had me remove my glasses and look straight ahead. In my conscious effort not to squint (which I do without glasses since it slightly improves vision), I apparently opened my eyes really wide. Not even my goofy buck teeth are enough to counteract the scary-serial-killer-come-here-little-girl look in this photo.

And augh! One of the damper pads on the piano fell off while playing it yesterday. Hopefully I can find the pad and maybe try to glue it back on... Or just have the tech replace it when I have the thing tuned in another week or two as it gets acclimated to the environment here.