June 3rd, 2009


Videos ahoy!

First, a couple of me playing my piano! I got my piano back after 13 years apart...

And now, links to other videos from the past couple weeks that some of you may enjoy...

I got a face full of steam from a locomotive!

My friends of the Raspberry Jam Band have arranged the Yoshi's Island Athletic Theme based on the piano score I had made last year:

I gave Tom sheet music for Super Mario Land and this is what he did with it:

I transcribed a tune from EarthBound (a.k.a. Mother) and this is what Tom did with it:

And for you racing or automotive fans, the first of a series of videos (others haven't been compiled yet) from the Reno Historic Automobile Races:

Once I get through posting the rest of the historics, I can start posting the videos from Rattlesnake Raceway, one of which features vehicles made up to look like ones from the movie Cars.