July 23rd, 2009



I keep forgetting things that I think of writing about (as I think of them while at work). I was going to talk about the wishy-washy spider, but maybe that's not very interesting (basically, a spider in our garage that changes its location every couple of days, though hasn't moved in a few days since I managed to convince a mini non-jumping cricket to become spider food).

Anyway, if anyone wants to join us for some Wii gaming, our Wii can be added to your addressbook: 2613-3430-9430-8646. I'm on EA Sports Online (for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10) as Keeper1st. And my Mario Kart Wii ID is 3395-1462-9957 (and penelopecat's is 4640-6863-1309; she's usually the one whose license we use when racing online).

We have Animal Crossing City Folk too. She's calling this new town "PenVille" and her named is Penny (and mine is Keeper). My friend code is 2278-4504-8653 (though I don't really play it much). She "doesn't like to advertise" hers, but I'll tell ya if you ask!

Oh yeah: I'm not much of a fan of carbonated beverages these days, but Pepsi Natural is yum. It's made with real sugar, real kola nuts, and comes in glass bottles. Makes for a rather forgotten "real" taste that you just don't get with regular cola fare.

Also: I can't believe so much effort is spent on so much stupidity. I'm talking about people who think the Apollo moon landings were fake. Wow. These people buy into these "conspiracy theories" obviously without understanding the most basic things about physics or optics, and yet they call everyone else gullible for believing the landings actually happened.

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But I don't know the numbers. I'm no scientist -- just a guy who knows how to think. (Y'know, unlike those who believe it was all a hoax.)