November 4th, 2009


Time to convert

We just bought a DVD-R/VCR combo. So I can finally commit all my old video tapes to DVD -- things not otherwise on DVD, like the B5 spinoff Crusade and other rarities, but also stuff like the voice actor tapes and the Animania event tapes from Back In The Day. And of course the later Animaniacs episodes, TTA Night Ghoulery, and the 10 hours or so of original Apollo 11 coverage that I recorded in 1989 when A&E had broadcast NBC's news coverage over the course of several days "as it happened" exactly 20 years earlier. That'll be very cool to have archived.

Just have to choose which recording format to use. The "XP" format only lasts 1 hour. The default "SP" lasts 2 hours. There are other formats that last longer but will lose quality. I'm not sure how low I can go before a noticeable loss in quality from the VHS recordings will be noticed.