December 9th, 2009


Stuff we've been up to

Seen people skiing down our street the past couple days. It got below zero last night. We've never gotten above freezing all week -- that might change for an hour or so on Friday as a warmer storm moves in.

Here's some video I shot Monday afternoon showing how much snow we got:

Definitely the most snow I've ever been in, and the coldest too probably (I don't know what the temperature was up on one of the Grand Tetons in Casper, Wyoming, back in the early '80s).

A couple days earlier, Linda and I went once again to Virginia City and rode the train then watched a nighttime parade (temperature was about 20, so holding the camera ended up painful as my hand began to suffer!). Video of that evening is in three parts:

(Oh yeah, I got a proper video camera finally, as you can see.)

We got both of the Pinball Hall of Fame games for the Wii. I love the never-produced Gottlieb table Goin' Nuts. It's quite unlike any other pinball table. I'm pretty good at it. Only played it four or five times with two scores already over 7 million (and it cannot display 10 million), which lasted 15 to 20 minutes. FREE THE SQUIRRELS!!!

Speaking of squirrels, you may be interested to know that former squirrel voice Nathan Ruegger is wrapping up production of his thesis movie for USC film school. You can read about it (even read his script) at