March 9th, 2010


Woo Who!

I made this arrangement 20 years ago for computer-controlled piano, but this is the first time I've been able to hear it on an actual computer-controlled piano instead of a MIDI synthesizer.

Back around 1989, a friend sent me a four-hand piano arrangement of the 1980 version of the Doctor Who theme. It was by a couple of guys whose surnames were Balga and Hosek, as I recall. However, it was lacking in some areas, and they had misheard the chords as being dissonant (probably mistaking the grating sawtooth waveform of the original as being dissonance). So I essentially re-transcribed the entire piece from the recording, fixing rhythmic differences, the chords, adding notes that they had missed, and adding the "twinklies" as I call them. They're not exactly the same as in the original recording (back then I had no means to slow down the original recording to aid in transcription), but at least they're there now.

Some of their original arrangement is still present (e.g. the "echo" of the melody and some grace notes), so I can't take full credit, though it's mostly mine.

Anyway, with all the changes I made, it really was no longer a four-hand piano arrangement, though I suppose two people technically could play it if they really worked at it. The dynamics of the "twinklies" coming in and out while passing through other notes also makes it probably incapable of being done on a reproducing piano roll (admittedly I don't know exactly how their dynamics systems work), thus I don't call this a piano-roll arrangement; I've always thought of it as an arrangement for computer-controlled piano (though I think on my web site I do list it as four-hand).

You can download this as a MIDI file here: