June 18th, 2010


New House Stuff

Getting furniture into our new house. Already put together two shelves which are now loaded with DVDs, videotapes and a few Blu-Rays that we have even though we don't have a Blu-Ray system yet. Also put together two barstools which are just slightly shorter than they really should be, as it turns out, but they're workable.

Picked up our mail for the first time yesterday. Our first electricity and gas bills, yay! (?) and a note from the district telling us that the water supply has more than twice the legal amount of arsenic in it, but not to worry. Oh gee, well, if we shouldn't worry about it...

Our $10,000+ worth of furniture and appliances that we bought (with only $3000 on 16-month financing, alas, because I've never had credit before, while Linda has good credit but is unemployed) is being delivered tomorrow. Refrigerator, washer & dryer, two TVs, Blu-Ray player, dining table, couch, end table, coffee table, beds, dresser, computer desk, rug... got some bookshelves on the way too at some point.

I guess before long we'll have to get the TV/internet and phone systems up and running. We'll do Vonage for the phone. They have a cheap deal for those who use fewer than 50 hours per month, which certainly applies to us. For the cable TV and internet, I guess we'll start with the 8 mbps net speed and see how workable that is. I have a feeling that the 16 mbps rate will be in our future though.

We'll need to get a router and I'll need a wireless device for my PC, I suppose, since running ethernet cable around the house would be difficult. Don't really like wireless, but there it is. Any brand suggestions?

Still need to clean off the thousands of mosquitoes lining the front door edges in spider webs. I used almost an entire can of mosquito killer around the entryway but we still get a half dozen or so hanging around. Better than the several dozen there used to be, at least.

Not sure when we'll be living there full time yet. New estimate is that the business here isn't going to be moving until probably mid-to-late July.