August 2nd, 2010


Job troubles...

My job is cutting my hours to six per day starting next month. This means a 25 percent pay cut and no more health insurance (though that means the actual take-home pay cut will be less than 25 percent). Hopefully penelopecat will find a job soon. Even if it's part time, two part-time jobs would mean more income than one full-time.

Can't believe I got sunburned just from pulling weeds and mowing the lawn on Saturday morning. I wasn't outside all that long! Me and my pasty white skin.

Tom Ruegger posted some Road Rovers concept art on his blog today. See

He's also posted some early production art of Slappy & Skippy recently, for a post about the upcoming Nostalgia Critic special on Animaniacs (coming August 10th), which will feature interviews with him, John P. McCann, Paul Rugg, Sherri Stoner and Nathan Ruegger. It was takineko who instigated the whole thing.