December 2nd, 2010


Dot Warner's ears -- the old debate revisited

A young Animaniacs fan was wondering about the sort of things that were discussed on a.t.a back in the day. I gave a few examples, one of which was the debate about Dot's design: Do her ears grow from the sides of her head and are tied up, or do they actually grow straight up from the top of her head? I mentioned that no model sheets or scenes in the show ever showed her ears untied or uncovered by a hat, so perhaps there was no answer; maybe the folks at WB simply never had to consider that design element.

Tom Ruegger responded humorously: When her ears were untied, her cuteness became overwhelming and would start wars. So we had to make sure that never happened.

Tom is also waxing nostalgic this week. He has been posting old concept art for potential feature-length Animaniacs movies that were being considered back in the day -- one of which (well, not the artwork) featured a fourth Warner sibling! See his blog: