July 22nd, 2015


A new nose!

Last month, I had a septoplasty and a turbinate reduction done. All my life, I've never been able to breathe well through my left nostril. When I moved to high altitude, it became unbearable. I was holding my nose open at home whenever that was the active nostril.

Turns out that my right nostril also was constricted a bit too. I'd always thought it was fine, or better than normal, but the truth apparently was that I never knew "normal".

The two-week period after the surgery is absolutely brutal. It makes you wonder why in the world you ever did such a thing.

A month later, however, you wonder why you never had it done before... well you would if you didn't already know why -- couldn't afford it, and insurance probably would have denied coverage based on it being a pre-existing condition. Thanks to "Obamacare" however, I was able to get this done and have it covered by insurance.

The total cost was over $30,000, but my out-of-pocket, including initial visits, was a bit less than $3000.

Breathing is not overrated.