Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

What-If ...

Last night, I downloaded a 1988 mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, and thought to myself, "If I make my own paint job, it should be something that could have existed at that time -- no fancy swoops, and a sponsor related to the period."

So I started to work on my Ford Thunderbird with sponsorship from Commodore!

The Amiga was in full swing in 1988, after all! For associate sponsors, I have Motorola there on the back (they made the 68000-series CPUs in the Amiga) though I'm not sure if their logo might have been slightly different in '88, kind like GE changing their logo ever so slightly around that time. I need more associate sponsors. I'd like to find the Electronic Arts logo from the period, for they published a lot of Amiga software, and maybe a couple others, like Epyx ... dunno what other associates it should have -- any ideas?

Then I need to decide on the number. It may need more of the Commodore rainbow -- if I can I'd like to make the sleeves on the crew have that effect (their shirts are partly boingball checkered, and the pit sign board is a giant boingball image).
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