March 27th, 2019


I still exist, by the way.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol (despite weighing only 130 pounds), but I am still around. Of course, I'm more active on Facebook and YouTube these days. In fact, my YouTube channel soon will reach 50,000 subscribers.

For the Animaniacs fans among you, I trust you're aware of the new series to air on Hulu beginning in 2020. So far I know of none of the original writers/producers being so much as contacted about it. However, Steve & Julie Bernstein will be doing the music, and Randy Rogel has written some songs. Rob, Jess, Tress and Maurice have indicated they're on board. So it seems there will be the Warners and P&TB in it. No sign of Slappy yet; Sherri definitely has not been called.

Last year I got tired of rebuilding the clutch on my old Yamaha XJ600S, so bought a 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400.

A few years back I got a toy I've always wanted -- a modern player piano that can be played by my computer via MIDI. For example, here's a livestream of cartoon music I did on Facebook (the first two minutes is silence as I was working out if the stream actually was working!).