Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Finished the Commodore Car!

With a pit crew and everything...

The boingball crew at work. Note the Commodore rainbow effect on their sleeves and on the pitboard pole (yeah, OK, so in '88 they didn't use poles, but the modders can change only so much). Their air guns are even red, white and blue. I wonder if I should change the toolbox from red to blue.

The extra sponsors can be seen here as well as a corrected angle for the tapered end of the "banners". The Commodore five-color rainbow effect is added to the rear bumper, and the font and coloring of the "64" is straight off a Commodore 64 box (re-created that way from a black "64" off a C64 ad, then colored by hand). I am using the correct checkmark logo now instead of a re-creation, and a correct period boingball instead of a modern, shaded version (though the original boingball demo DID cast a shadow, something that could be done for the pitboard if I had any real talent at this art stuff).

Getting passed by Alan Kulwicki. You can see I correctly put the number on the nose. I need to change the "Thunderbird" text from black to white, however. I have a blue car I downloaded which has it that way, so I should be able to swipe it off that.

Otherwise, it's done! That was fun!

Whoops! I didn't notice that I had the red and blue "banners" wrong over the top of the car and onto the rear deck lid. I've fixed it now -- swapped the red and blue around. I won't bother posting updated pics. Just guess what it looks like!
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