Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Neat! The old Infocom game!

The BBC has put up the 20-year-old Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy computer game, with added graphics reminiscent of the graphics seen in the TV series. Nifty. I still have all the physical bits from the computer game -- the peril-sensitive sunglasses, the microscopic space fleet, the fluff, the plans for the demolition of Arthur's house, the plans for the demolition of the Earth, the Don't Panic button (have another style one that was worn by FedEx employees in the late 1980s, for that matter), and whatever else there was but which I've forgotten. I still have all these things in the original game box, except the button, which is on a shirt-o-buttons or stored with a bunch of old fannish buttons from the '80s.

But anyway, go play the game! It had a difficulty rating of "Extreme"! I'm having trouble remembering what to do...

Don't Panic!

Oh, in fact, the graphics aren't quite finished yet. They're accepting fan submissions for missing artwork! A winner will be chosen among the best artists, who will get a small part in the Quadrenary Phase (i.e., 4th season) radio series. So, get playing, and get drawing!
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