Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Cartoon Cars race pics!

I've got 60 pictures from the 120-lap cartoon-cars league race at Lowe's Motor Speedway!

No surprise, the polesitter was Giovanni Mungin in the #141 Captain Caveman Chevrolet. Second, out of shot, was the #66 XLO Racing Chevy of "Big Daddy". The third-place qualifier could not make the start, so inside second row now is the fifth-place qualifier of Shawn Frederick in the #32 Transformers Chevy. I'm starting fourth in the #88 Angelina Pontiac. Previous to qualifying, my best lap was a 29.96 or so. In qualifying, I did a 29.82! In total, 15 cars would take the green flag.

The #72 Wile E. Coyote Dodge of Darwin Meints jumps the start but would get away with it. I eased off a little, not wanting to get into any racing yet -- the race is 120 laps -- and the #99 Looney Tunes / Taz Chevy of Chris Torres also would get by me into the first turn, so I settled into sixth place.

On lap 6, I had caught back up to Torres as, in the distance, "Big Daddy" passes Mungin for the lead. I was about to pass Torres...

...when the caution came out for this incident between the #15 Marvin Martian Chevy of Jim Crouch and the #27B Yosemite Sam Dodge of Jamie Brown. Both would be able to continue.

Several cars decided to pit on this early caution. Frederick, in the Transformers car, and I stayed out, so we inherited first and second place.

Lap 11, we're back under green and have begun to put a gap between us and the #69 Garfield Pontiac of Doug Morrow. I'm starting to think I can take the lead here.

However, on lap 13, another caution, again for the unfortunate #15 of Crouch, this time involving the #191 (generic fictional sponsor) of "oceans". Crouch would nose into the inside wall here and spend the rest of his race badly wounded.

Lap 19, and "Big Daddy", who pitted on the first caution, now takes over second place from me.

Torres, also on fresher tires, would attempt to follow Big Daddy. I end up trying to give him too much room and clip the apron. I'd slide up and hit him. He'd bounce off the wall but continue with minor body damage.

Thankfully for Torres, a caution came out immediately for this unassisted spin by the #25 Radio Flyer Chevy of "Highstick".

Under caution on lap 21, Frederick and I make our first pitstop. Unfortunately, he is pitted directly behind me, and as he was ahead of me on the race track, I had a very difficult time getting into my box. Here, he's already leaving while my crew is just beginning its work. I would end up in 12th position for the restart. The pit crew and tool box I made myself, though of course using Federica's stock artwork.

On lap 27, I'm up to 10th as I approach Morrow. He gets into the gray and I have an easy pass, but things will soon get much worse for the Garfield Pontiac...

"oceans" seems to target-lock (i.e., looking at what should be avoided rather than where you need to go) and drills Morrow, ending both of their races.

After pit stops, the race resumes on lap 33, with Brown's Yosemite Sam Dodge car out front, leading the Transformers Chevy, the Captain Caveman Chevy, and the Angelina Pontiac.

Brown is not fully up to speed in these cars yet, so those of us behind him get a little bottled up. It gives me an opportunity on lap 34 to make a move on Mungin's Captain Caveman car...

...while at the same time, a slight twitch from Big Daddy sends newcomer "Teds13" into the wall and out of the race.

The resulting caution is good news for me, because I nearly spun myself out when I cranked hard left to avoid running into the Captain Caveman car. Mungin and others would pit during the caution flag, but myself, Frederick and Brown would stay out, since we had pitted more recently.

Under green, here on lap 40, the Transformers car has taken over the lead from the Yosemite Sam car. I'm in third, followed by (in this picture) Big Daddy, the #26 L&J Photography Pontiac of Andrew Lint, the #63 Stewie (Family Guy) Chevy of Matt Sotomayor, Highstick, Mungin, Torres and Meints. And thus begins a long green-flag run!

Lap 42, and I'm not only in second, but back up to Frederick.

This little smack against the wall, however, would cause minor damage. My aerodynamics were affected slightly, making it tough just to hold onto Frederick.

On lap 46, Big Daddy takes over second from me.

Just two laps later, he takes over the lead.

Here's the top four on lap 50. I'm against the wall again, pretty hard this time.

The damage is significant, and slows me down quite a bit.

I manage to hold onto third until lap 65, when Lint finally is able to make his move.

On lap 69, not only has Mungin got the Captain Caveman Chevy around the Stewie Chevy, but also disposes of my Angelina Pontiac.

With my exit speed killed by getting passed, Sotomayor takes his Stewie Chevy to the outside into the first turn of lap 70. He has the same sort of damage I have. I still enter the corner a little too low...

...and drift up into him, sending him up to the wall. He would keep it gathered up and continue.

On lap 79, Torres spins in front of the leader, but the green flag stays out.

On lap 83, Big Daddy pits out of the lead, and Lint pits out of third. Even though I had pitted previously before they did, and had that one slide into the apron, I was determined to stay out as long as I possibly could. Even if I had to make a green-flag stop eventually, I figured if a yellow came out after we all had stopped, I'd still be at an advantage with fresher tires. Or, if a yellow came out before I had to pit, then these guys would be a lap down! I think perhaps Frederick in the Transformers car was thinking the same thing.

Lap 86, Mungin pits the Captain Caveman car out of second place. That moves me back into second, though very distant at this point.

Lap 87, and the caution flies for this incident between the Radio Flyer Chevy and the Wile E. Coyote Dodge. Frederick and I are very happy to have put Big Daddy and Lint a lap down! Captain Caveman, however, would benefit as the "lucky dog" and get his lap back.

After pitstops, I was in third position. I had elected to have my crew work on the damage. Sotomayor elected not to allow his crew to repair the damage to his Stewie Chevy, and thus took over second. Although I'm third in the race, I'm seventh in line as the race restarts on lap 93. Torres leads the field, but is laps down. Lint and Big Daddy are now officially on the lead lap, but just barely. The fourth car in line is the leader, Frederick in the Transformers car, followed by Sotomayor. Brown's Yosemite Sam car also is a lap down, ahead of me on the track.

On lap 95, the Captain Caveman Chevy and the Wile E. Coyote Dodge send me back to fifth place.

On lap 97, I'm all over Meints in the Wile E. Coyote car right when he's taking a look under Sotomayor's still-damaged Stewie machine which has been disposed of by Mungin. I'm not about to go three abreast, though, so I bide my time.

Lap 100 -- 20 laps to go, and here's your top 5. I'm about to pass the Wile E. Coyote machine. I don't know if the aerodynamics are simulated for it, but it sure looks like I took the air off his spoiler, sending him wide without actually touching him. He would bounce off the wall and lose some time.

Lap 103, I get under the Stewie Chevy, but clip the apron again...

...and drift up, allowing Sotomayor back around. Note up ahead that Lint and Big Daddy have disappeared, driving their hearts out to stay ahead of the leaders, seen in this shot.

The following lap, I get inside again. We make side-to-side contact right here, sending Sotomayor up to the wall again, but he is able to continue. Unfortunately, our battling has allowed the two leaders to get away.

The Transformers car of Frederick and the Captain Caveman car of Mungin have hooked up and are easily able to pull away from me. In fact, as seen here on lap 106, they're starting to catch back up to Big Daddy and Lint, probably because those two burned up their tires early on trying to stay on the lead lap.

On lap 112, I scrape the wall before entering Turn 1. I'm trying too hard to make up time on the drafting leaders -- an impossible task really.

Lap 114 -- 6 to go, and the leaders have put Lint a lap down again, and are ready to make a move on Big Daddy...

...but Frederick pushes wide and has to crank it down to keep from hitting Big Daddy...

...then has a tank-slapper and loses control! It looks like Captain Caveman might be OK...

...but he gets collected when the Transformers car bounces off the wall. The #141 would back into the wall hard suffering severe damage but would be able to make it to the pits. The Transformers machine was finished. Big Daddy and Lint get back on the lead lap as the caution flag comes out.

The rest of us still have to make it through the carnage, though. This is my view as I approach the scene.

I manage to make it through unscathed. Mungin in the Captain Caveman machine technically is the leader but he would have to pit for new tires and to repair some of the damage.

Ready to go back to green with only two laps to go, I'm in front in the Angelina Pontiac, followed by Sotomayor's Stewie Chevy, Meints' Wile E. Coyote Dodge, and Big Daddy's Chevrolet. After him are the cars that made a pitstop: Mungin in the badly damaged Captain Caveman Chevy, Lint's L&J Photography Pontiac, the Yosemite Sam Dodge of Brown (a lap down), the Radio Flyer Chevy of Highstick (last car on the lead lap), and -- last in this shot -- the #3 Slurm (Futurama) Ford of Charlie Watkins. These lapped cars had been higher in line, but because there were fewer than 10 laps to go, they had to drive through the pits to bunch all the leaders together, per league rules. (Highstick pitted with them, which is why he's got a lapped car ahead of him.)

Coming down for the white flag, Meints' Wile E. Coyote Dodge starts to aggravate Sotomayor's Stewie Chevy. I'm loving this! The fresh tires are helping Lint, who has now passed both Mungin (damaged) and Big Daddy.

Sotomayor holds on into the first turn as everyone scrambles for position.

On the back straight for the final time, I've been able to pull away while they battle behind me. Lint uses his fresh tires to make a move on the Wile E. Coyote car.

Out of the final turn, I'm home free and already celebrating. I have no idea of the battle going on behind me. Sotomayor slips wide as Lint makes a move to second. Despite heavy damage, Mungin has moved into fourth. But it's not over yet!

Sotomayor bounces off the wall...

Lint jinks hard left to make sure Sotomayor doesn't bounce into him, but this is sending him now toward the grass.

With Sotomayor still fighting for control, Meints decides the best course of action for his Wile E. Coyote Dodge is to head to the grass as well.

Lint gets his car back on the asphalt as Sotomayor loses the battle with his Stewie Chevy.

The battle for second heads to the finish line! Lint takes it. Mungin's bashed Captain Caveman ride would just beat the out-of-control Stewie machine, and Meints takes fifth.

Sotomayor bounces off the wall and into Mungin just beyond the finish line.

Sotomayor is then hit by Highstick and knocked onto his side.

Unaware of the carnage behind me, I celebrated my first victory with a loooong burnout. I blew out both rear tires!

Final standings:
 1  4  88  Ron O’Dell  120.463  120    6  180  Running 
 2 11  26  Andrew Lint   -0.65  120    0  170  Running 
 3  1 141  Giovanni 14g  -0.71  120    6  170  Running 
 4  8  63  XFactordx     -0.71  120    0  160  Running 
 5  7  72  rubby15       -0.86  120    1  160  Running 
 6  2  66  XLOBigDaddy   -0.98  120   44  155  Running 
 7  6  25  Highstick     -1.41  120    1  151  Running 
 8 17   3  CRO_CW          -1L  119    0  142  Running 
 9 13  27  JBrown_27b      -3L  117   11  143  Running 
10  5  32  Buggy God       -6L  114   51* 144  Accident 
11  9  99  CTorres1999    -30L   90    0  130  Retired 
12 10  15  JimmyC16       -71L   49    0  127  Retired 
13 14  34  Teds13         -86L   34    0  124  Retired 
14 15  69  CRO_ODIE       -93L   27    0  121  Accident 
15 12 191  oceans         -93L   27    0  118  Retired  

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