Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Still there...

A colony of ants still has possession of my motorcycle... or at least as of yesterday they did.

I went out to go to penelopecat's house yesterday, and there were a few ants around the seat, popping in and out from underneath. I lifted the seat and there was a trail going across the joining bar for the frame. It was only a few dozen. I blew them all away and seemed satisfied. I started the engine, then went into the house to get some chain lube so that I could lube the chain once I get to Linda's house (for the heavy rains the day before had washed the thing clean).

I wasn't gone more than 5 minutes...

...but when I got back, there were HUNDREDS of ants in a busy trail from the base of my handlebars, over the gas tank, over the seat, then down under the seat from the back!! Gah! They sure form trails in a hurry!

Wearing out my lungs, I got most of 'em away, and had a clean seat to sit on. I rode to Linda's, about 35 miles away. Before getting on the freeway, I noticed that as soon as I stopped riding for a stoplight, ants started coming up from under the gas tank onto the handlebar mount. That must be where the queen is.

As I rode, I tried to hit every bump I could, to knock 'em loose from wherever they have taken hold. Once at Linda's, I only saw a few, even when we went out to eat later. When I left, I didn't see any -- maybe because it's cold, I thought. Likewise, this morning when I went back into town, there were no ants before leaving (but it was really cold) and before returning (only a little cold). Even after stopping to eat in the late morning, only saw one ant. Maybe I did manage to knock the colony loose from wherever they were... or maybe they're just waiting!!
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