Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Some adjustments

I made some adjustments to pages 4-6 of the translation, thanks to some clarifications from Italian readers of the original comic. I had been caught out by the double-negative used in Italian, missed that "Hai..." was a word and not a sound effect, and just a bit of brain fade on my part to have written a line in singular form which was originally plural.

I've also now been told the reason why Elena's name is written "Elena-Patata". Apparently, Patata is her surname. No doubt having "potato" for a last name would cause much grief as a child...

Turns out that I'm not the only one translating Italian comics to English. When looking for information about this comic, I found a site about, well, something rather astonishing to discover. Since the late 1960s, Donald Duck has been in three different series of comics in Italy where he has a secret identity: Paperinik. It has gone from him using the identity to take out revenge on those who treat him badly in normal Disney cartoons, to becoming a superhero for a large city. Who knew that this American character had such a long-running double life in Europe?

Anyway, there are English translations of some of the second series comics (Paperinik New Adventures, or PKNA), at the PKGalaxy web site: The translations are by Italians, so the dialog can read a little strangely at times, but how nice of them to do this for the English-speaking world! One of the comics translated was written and drawn by the same crew who went on to produce the popular "W.i.t.c.h." comic and, yep, "Monster Allergy". The site also has a history of the Paperinik comics, among other things.
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