Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Pain and Beauty

On the way to the post office today, what a beautiful sight. As I came down the mountains, it was late in the day so the sun was low, but the huge storm meant the clouds were blocking the sun ... except for one hole allowing light through. It looked like a giant spotlight, moving across the landscape of the valley below. With the high winds, it moved the hole, so the "spotlight" panned across at a pretty brisk pace. Once I finished riding down from the mountain, I was heading directly at this display, so I got to look at it a lot.

That's the beauty part. Now for the pain.

I've had a toothache for a couple weeks now. I think I may end up losing one of my teeth. Now, for all the skin problems (psoriasis in several places, and still get acne attacks on my face at age 33), and my bad vision, I've had the great fortune never to have had problems of tooth decay. Despite horrible dental hygiene as a kid, I've never had cavities.

However, I did have a problem in that my deciduous teeth never fell out when they were supposed to, and the new teeth grew in at weird angles. Most of the new teeth straightened themselves out as they grew in, or fell down into closer to their proper places once the "baby" teeth were surgically removed. In a couple cases, though, my teeth are permanently shifted from where they should be, because there were older teeth in the way when they grew in. On the top of my mouth, the row of teeth on one side curves around where the older tooth had been. That isn't a problem, though.

The problem is in the first lower molar on the left side. It grew in at a 45-degree angle (it interferes with movement of my tongue). Now, years of chewing pressure pushing down at that angle seems to have caused enough aggravation that it's perpetually sore. Ouchie... I wonder how long it'll last.

Advantage of working at home some days now: I can listen to streaming audio of really cool music. Playing now on Live365 channel Radio Dismuke: Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra, I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again from the early 1930s.
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