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Random auditory amusements

I remembered this scene from a Ren & Stimpy episode that I haven't seen in about 10 years ("Out West"), and decided to record myself doing the voices (neither Ren nor Stimpy is in the scene). I only did one take, but it came out OK. A little overdrive clipping in places, but it's difficult to avoid that with my really bad microphone which pretty much renders Very Loud or Very Soft only.

Also, for a limited time, I have put up samples of Animaniacs and Tiny Toons dialogue and songs from assorted language dubs (other than the themes which I already have online) -- mostly Japanese, but also Spanish, German, Finnish, and Brazilian Portuguese. I'll explain what scene they all are too, so I guess I'd better make this behind a cut.
Finnish: a Dot's Poetry Corner.
Finnish: from "Death or Consequences". Yakko asks the Grim Reaper if he's taking their brother to a netherworld of despair etc., then Yakko and Dot plead that they want to go too, but Dot hasn't a thing to wear. I don't know if the Finnish dialogue translates exactly.
Spanish: the opening song from the Rita & Runt cartoon "Icebreakers". I think this is Mexican Spanish.
Portuguese: "Humans Don't Mean that Much to Me", Rita & Runt. I have the lyrics if anyone would like them.
Portuguese: the opening dialogue and songs from "Phranken-Runt". I have the lyrics if anyone would like them.
German: a Pinky & The Brain scene, but I don't know what scene it is.
Japanese: "The Etiquette Song" and Dr Scratchansniff's dialogue before and after it. Because the utensils are all Western, much of the lyrics are simply transiterations of the English (and one French) words! Dr Sns has a great voice. Indeed, most of the Japanese voiceovers are probably the best of any language I've heard.
Japanese: End tag -- I'm Yakko / I'm Wakko / and I'm cute! Dot uses the English word "cute" here because, I presume, to the Japanese, "cute" is cuter than "kawaii", just as the opposite is true for us.
Japanese: from "King Yakko" when Dot says "I need something that says 'I'm here to destroy you', but with a sense of fun. I got it! Wear your underwear outside your pants! It worked for Madonna..." You'll notice that Madonna is enough of a celebrity even in Japan; the name was not changed in the dub.
Japanese: Dot saying "I'm the ghost of Christmas Present!" There is no pun like in English, of course, so her later comment here is just pointing out that she's cute. ...or maybe they're making a pun of "kowai" (scary) and "kawaii" (cute) and I'm just not trained well enough to hear it.
Japanese: Plotz calling out, "Hey! You down there! What day is it?" and Dot's response that it's Christmas Day followed by "Whoa, dumber than advertised." Not quite sure what the actual Japanese translates to on that phrase.
Japanese: The Goodfeathers preparing to rumble... except for Squit, who wants to fall in love, for which Pesto makes fun of him. Then of course Bobby turns on Pesto: "Are you cluckin' at me?"
Japanese: Ralph the Guard in Plotz's office from "A Christmas Plotz", reading his note and presenting the fruitcake.
Japanese: Rita and Runt from "Les Miseranimals" right after Runt yanks on Rita's tail to try to pull her through the tiny hole in the cage.
Japanese: Slappy Squirrel's role as Marley's Ghost in "A Christmas Plotz". This is the only appearance by Slappy that I have, so I don't have any samples of Skippy, alas.
Japanese: Pinky & The Brain from "Where Rodents Dare". Brain (sorry: GENERAL Brain) asks his men -- i.e., Pinky -- if there any any questions about the plan. Pinky asks what the plan is. Brain says he can't tell Pinky because Pinky might talk if captured. Pinky vehemently denies this -- including a "narf!" -- until Brain asks, "And if they tortured you?" It seems to my limited-experience ears that Brain speaks in constant formal, almost traditional Japanese, while Pinky of course speaks in modern colloquial Japanese. This is a nice and appropriate difference between the characters that simply couldn't be done in English without making Brain sound ridiculous.
Japanese: Wakko telling the garage-sale bear that he can fix the remote control good as new.

Now onto Tiny Toons. I don't remember the names of most TTA episodes, and given that I recorded these MP3s originally as WAVs back in 1998, I may not even remember the scenes exactly right since I'm not too familiar with TTA episodes in general, so bear with me.
Japanese: Arnold in his gym addressing Buster, who has come in hopes of beefing up to impress Babs.
Japanese: Babs describing who her dream date should be like.
Japanese: Bugs Bunny is discovered to have been doing a voiceover, by Buster.
Japanese: Concord Condor has been making a mess of being Cupid, and is confronted by the original Cupid, Elmer Fudd.
Japanese: Gogo Dodo describing what his dream date should be like.
Japanese: Elmyra, squeezing a struggling Furrball, responds to the question of what "Acme" might have meant, in "Citizen Max". She thinks maybe it's something cute and cuddly, of course.
Japanese: Fowlmouth and Dizzy Devil tease Max about being on a date with Elmyra.
Japanese: Hamton interviewing Buster, from "Citizen Max".
Japanese (well... English really!): Elmyra saying "Hi, Monty!" from "My Dinner with Elmyra". It sounds almost exactly like Cree Summer's original version of Elmyra!
Japanese: Plucky comes out of the evil geneticist's operating room still thinking he's about to give an award acceptance speech. Babs is relieved to find that he's safe, but can't believe that he still doesn't realize the danger he's been in.
Japanese: Plucky, as the Toxic Revenger, wonders if there's anything that Elmyra might actually pay attention to. Television, she says. Plucky's reaction is priceless.
Japanese: Plucky is willing to do anything when Max waves money at him, from "Citizen Max".
Japanese: Shirley the Loon, tied to the stake, is happy to see brave knight Buster arrive. "Yahoo! I'm, like, totally saved or some junk!"
Japanese: Sweetie is about to eat the bug-sized Dizzy.
Japanese: Fifi brings a note about the high-school party, Babs reads it, Shirley comments on it, then Fifi fantasizes. From "The Magnificent Three".

I also put up temporarily a couple other things. The famous Orson Welles outtake reel (some bits out of order tacked onto the end) that was the basis of the Pinky & The Brain cartoon "Yes, Always!": ... and the time I asked Pinky & The Brain what they were going to do after their World Domination Tour:

That's all, folks!
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