Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Package from Fade!

Federica sent us a package! And lookit one of the things that was inside:

Can't quite read it in that first pic there, but the Italian name of Stitch Has a Glitch is simply Che disastro, Stitch! ("What a disaster, Stitch!")

And yes, the biscotti still are in the box (apart from the ones we've eaten already). Ooooh, sending food overseas -- naughty naughty. The little Lilo & Stitch cube pieces (she sent a few extras of them) are those little two-image turn'n'switch hologrammy things (so scanning them wouldn't really work). What's interesting is that some of them have poses never before seen (and not all the available ones are shown anywhere on the box). We have one of Stitch doing a "stoppie" on the Big Wheel (rear wheels in the air), with his his legs in the air as well, and another of Lilo holding a large fish, and one of Lilo holding up a flower...

Also, she included two really cute figurines of Diddl the mouse --
Alas, they're so small I can't take a picture of them with this toy camera of mine. I really should go get a proper digital camera; they're so cheap these days.

She sent one other thing: The first episode of the Monster Allergy cartoon on DVD! Funny that I discovered the web page talking about this cartoon (my previous LJ entry) while the episode actually already was on its way in the mail, unbeknowst to me!

Grazie mille, Fade!
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