Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

One Distraction = Close Call; Two Distractions = Crunch

While sitting at a light before getting on the freeway, I saw a spider crawling around near my throttle grip, round to the back side. Well, I couldn't get rid of him, but kept looking down to see if it was still there or -- the fear -- getting onto my glove. On the offramp, I was distracted by looking down for the spider and nearly ran into the back of a van because the line of vehicles at the stop sign was longer than usual.

Onto the road now heading into the sunset, and I saw another biker on the side of the road standing by his motorcycle, and looked to see if maybe he was needing a ride or something, then looked down for the spider, then looked up and sure enough, the same line of vehicle now was longer than usual at the light too, but this time I didn't have time to avoid hitting the van.

My braking was perfect, though. Both tires squealed but I think the wheels kept turning. I knew, however, that there was no stopping in time...


I bounced a bit in my seat, but kept the bike running, just backed it up and we drove away and pulled over.

No damage to the bike. I still haven't replaced the front fender from when I was the victim of road rage last year, so the remaining bits of the fender seem unchanged from the way they were. The front tire was what took the impact, and it wasn't hard enough to do any damage to the wheel, from what I can tell.

The van had a crack in its bumper, but the driver didn't mind. It was a nice Mexican guy, who basically just said, "You OK, my friend? OK, my friend?" a bunch. He was wearing some kind of mechanic's shirt with name badge etc., so I guess a cracked plastic bumper is no big deal to him.

So we drove off and that was that. Got away with one today!
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