Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

The smoking gun, er, battery

The battery in my motorcycle has been needing replacing. Frequently it is unable to crank the starter motor though it is fully charged. Holding down the starter usually gets it going faster after a few moments. But today at Quizno's, nope... it just started smoking out both sides. Ironically, I was thinking I should get a new one this weekend now that I have time on Saturdays again (with the Ocean Speedway racing season finally over).

They're tearing up the street again today, just a few yards down the road this time. Big ol' hole. The jackhammer is still going, and it's 1 a.m.! Must be a big problem.

Tonight, I wrote the second strain of my first attempt at an Indian Intermezzo! (remember that? I wrote the A strain months ago!) This is the strain that I have had in my head for a couple years and prompted me to try writing an Indian Intermezzo in the first place. I've also written a melody line for the third strain.

Have a listen!
(I don't have my MIDI software running yet, so this is the rough form played by the scoring program, which loves to put in jarring accents on the upbeats in the left hand.)

I'm not sure what I want to do after the C strain -- repeat it, or go into an interlude before repeating it... then do I return to strains A and B like Hiawatha does, or just let it end after a repeat of the C strain, like Silver Heels does? or maybe jump straight into a reprise of the B strain from the C strain, to be original (well, I'm sure there's an Indian Intermezzo that does this, but I can't think of any; Hiawatha and Silver Heels are my main inspirations, though I only have sheet music of the former). I probably should try to make a fleshed-out version of the A strain for the reprise after the B strain... anyway, I gotta go to bed now, so I'll worry about it later!
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