Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Popular pet-peeve argument solved once and for all!

(This is a somewhat silly entry, but what the heck!)

OK, so we all know the debate as to which way a roll of toilet paper should be placed, right? Well, I have seen first hand that the logical way (paper facing you -- not facing the wall) is in fact the correct way!

You see, at the store where I work, the cleaning staff aren't particularly attentive to what they're doing. Frequently, for example, they put the paper towels into the dispenser upside-down, so there's no flap to grab and you end up pinching out six when you only needed one.

Well, for the past two Sundays, they installed the two rolls of toilet paper in one of the stalls in the two different ways. One week, the wall-facing roll was closest to the toilet. The other week, the wall-facing roll was farthest from the toilet.

By closing time each week, guess which roll was almost completely used up, while the other was barely touched? Yep! The you-facing roll!

Discriminating defecators agree: Paper facing you is the correct way. So mote it be!
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