Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell


I've been working on the computer all day, so I hope I'm just getting eye fatigue or something...

A large portion of my vision from my left eye is flashing rapidly. I have no peripheral vision to the left. It's a big section from the lower left, up to just above center of vision. Rapid flashes.

Years ago, when I saw an optometrist about a strange black dot I was seeing off reflections from my glasses, or in droplets of water on my lenses, I was told that my severe myopia meant my eye was stretched wide quite a bit, and as I got older I would be in danger of the eye pulling down (gravity, you know) and tearing the retina. "If you begin to see flashes, you'll need immediate surgery," she said.

So I'm a bit worried. I had a similar, less intense experience last month, and I was able to "sleep it off" (or my brain adjusted to the new condition). I'll try that now, even though I have more work to do and still have to install the track for tomorrow's GPL race!

It seems to be getting better now. I'm able to read what I'm writing without much effort now... Still, this is frightening.

...and the flashing has stopped now. Still not much peripheral vision on the left, but I can make out a few objects... errrgh...
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