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Mind tricks...

It's amazing, the human mind, or memory. Since I had my MIDI files page open upon making that initial entry, I began to play a few of my sequences from it (all my sequences are programmed -- not hand-played). I saw "Crimson Rambler Rag" and thought hmm, I haven't heard that one in a while, so let's play it...

When it started playing, I suddenly remembered: I used to play this for real! Somehow I'd completely forgotten that I had learned to play the entire thing. I keep thinking that the only things I know how to play all the way through are Maple Leaf Rag, Apple Jack, and Cum-Bac Rag -- and I remember that I had briefly memorized Funny Folks. So whenever I found myself able to play a piano, those would be the only three things I'd play (along with the first strain of Funny Folks, which I still remember)... ever since I moved away from my piano. And even since buying a 76-key keyboard (which spends far too much time as an expensive table, unfortunately), I never once played Crimson Rambler Rag or even thought, "Oh yeah, I know that one..." This, despite the fact that I had learned Funny Folks AFTER memorizing Crimson Rambler Rag.

So, this means it has been about six years since I attempted to play it -- maybe seven. I guess when I get home from work tomorrow I'll clean off this "table" and ... uh ... then clean off the floor beneath and in front of it ... THEN see if I still can play it. I'll probably need the sheet music to remind me of bits (need that for a couple spots in the C strains of Apple Jack and Cum-Bac Rag, frankly).

(Watch, in reality, I won't do this. I'll try to prove myself wrong, though!)

OH! I forgot to remind a coworker at work today that he wanted to buy something (I forget what, though). See, I told him to remind me that I needed to remind him to buy something ...
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