Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

There's a spider wearin' my clothes!

So I'm digging out dark clothes from the bottom of my laundry basket, and I find a big brown spider crawling on the bottom of the basket. Well, I can't do anything about it because I'm lifting up all my white clothes at the time. So I plop the white clothes back down when I've got the dark clothes, then begin shaking the basket trying to get him to leave. He doesn't. I don't even know where he is now, of course. I dump the basket contents on the floor and still don't see him. Even after putting the clothes back into the basket one by one, there's no sign of him. He's wearing something of mine. I just hope he's washed out when I do the next load. I'd hate to put on a sock and find a drowned spider in it.
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