Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Pages 9-11 of Monster Allergy #3

I've finally managed to do more translating!

Note that I've decided on "monstrites" as the English equivalent of "mostrine". Thanks, KT! The page posted earlier has been adjusted accordingly.

In these pages, we meet Timothy, Zick's feline guardian, who has been trapped in the Pyramid Corp. building (owned by Mr Magnacat) while trying to rescue Sfruscio (the orange tabby cat with him). Another feline guardian appears, and apparently these two have met before.

Translation notes for these are just two:

In the original, the female guardian suggests calling Timothy "Ragioniere" which literally means "Accountant". Looking it up in an Italian dictionary, I find that it can be used to refer to someone who fusses over things, so I chose "Fussbudget". I think that's actually the literal translation of the intended meaning, given the "budget" in the word.

Timothy refers to Sfruscio as an "impiastro" which literally means "plaster" or "smear". The Italian dictionary lists colloquial uses meaning "boring person" and "of sickly health". I couldn't think of anything that worked better in English than "fleabag".

Anyway, enjoy!
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