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I just did a search on my name at Google, to find the two articles I wrote recently for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Well, I continued to look at the results and found all sorts of interesting things. One of the sites about Animaniacs had the following link:

Yes, you can purchase the whole orchestral score to the Animaniacs theme! Or, just the conductor sheet for $6! (A conductor sheet has all the notes of all parts in small form, but perhaps missing some performance instructions for the individual musicians.) I think I need that... heheh... Just to verify how much I got right in my own MIDI arrangement which I had transcribed by ear, you understand! Oh, and the QRS piano roll of the A! theme would be nice to get too at some point, even if I don't have access to my player piano... But I will again some day, and then I can compare my piano-roll arrangement with the one on the real piano roll (which came out after I made my arrangement, so who knows, maybe they actually used my arrangement, just like they did for the "Warner Bros. Channel" within Windows 98 way back when -- if you still have a Win98 CD, search it for *.mid and you'll find the old version of my Animaniacs theme MIDI file on it, complete with my name and email address embedded into the track list).

The whole book of parts, sold separately, is shown as being "very easy" level, so that's obviously been edited down. I wonder if this conductor sheet is for that simplified arrangement too or is the real deal. Also of interest down on the bottom, a choral score for the Animaniacs version of "Noël"!

Other things found were really old stuff I'd written, from various newsgroups (even back when Ren & Stimpy was the coolest thing ever), and really old transcriptions of Blackadder that I'd done, the Answermaniacs FAQ, the rec.arts.drwho FAQ (yes, my name's in that; in the late 1980s and early 1990s I was quite active there and was one of only a handful of people who had some pretty rare material at that time), some Animaniacs parody songs I'd written or helped write ... but freakiest of all probably was coming across fan fiction that I was written into (this is what happens when you become a sort of "celebrity fan" I guess).

As well as tons of pages about me, my music, my toon fandom, my British TV fandom, my journalism and my race-sim playing, there were pages about or posts from other people with the name Ron O'Dell.

Turns out I'm not the only Ron O'Dell who wrote music in the 20th century. A 1960s garage band called Mystery Meat had most of its songs written by their lead guitarist, Ron O'Dell. The former band members apparently are still looking for him. There's also a Ron O'Dell who has been transcribing the chords of pop songs recently (not me -- I swear!), and one who runs O'Dell's Dairy in Orange County, New York (my family history goes back to that area, so that may be a relative). There's a magician named Ron O'Dell in Michigan. One of the coaches for the Fighting Illini football team is Ron O'Dell, and there's a quarterhorse breeder named Ron O'Dell, as well as the treasurer of a Civil War historical society in Tennessee. There were plenty of other one-off references to others with the name, but these were the most notable, or who showed up in more than one hit. All of these Ron O'Dell hits were pretty well drowned out by the abundance of stuff I've done or have been into online over the past 15 years...

It's amazing some of the old toonster stuff, a.t.a posts or whatnot, that came up. I'm still only about nine pages into the hits (using the quoted "Ron O'Dell" to search), which came up with 18 pages of results. I was also surprised about just how many sites have my music up or list me as a contemporary ragtime composer, or how many sites just adore my arrangement of Hello! Ma Baby. It makes me realize that there are a lot of people out there who would like it if I spent more time writing and arranging music.

Of course, searching for "Ron O'Dell" won't come up with any hits for any pages or documents in which I'm referred to as "Ron 'Keeper' O'Dell". So there's bound to be more old treasures (and frights) to find!

Ooh yes, here's one! Back when I founded, myself and Mary Haley wrote a Ragtime FAQ. Well, I just found it -- in Japanese! It even credits me as the author of one particular section. I think this is the first time I've ever seen something that I wrote translated into another language by someone other than myself. Nifty!
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