Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

A rare sighting indeed

One of the rarest sights in the world -- a picture of me in high school.

I was only in high school for a little over a year (technically a year and a half, but most of that half I skipped out on).

After seeing spoothbrush discussing going to her 10-year high school reunion, I realized that this year would be my 20th if I had stuck around for the full four years (I took the California High School Proficiency Exam when I was 15, being given an exemption to the minimum age of 16 because they didn't know what else to do with me since I wasn't actually going to school).

I did a Google search and found that indeed, there was a 20-year reunion a couple months ago. And I found a photo online with me in it, which must have been a Freshman or Sophomore class pic. At first, I thought, "I guess that's me," but the more I look at it, the more I remember having seen the photo before, start to pick out a face or two that I think I remember (ironically not as many as my 6th-grade class photo from 1982).

I'm on the lower right in the red & white baseball cap.
(LARGE photo).

I just don't remember having a red & white baseball cap in particular, but I had a lot of baseball caps. My crooked neck and the way I cross my ankles, wrap my hands around my legs and grab my right wrist, and my extremely narrow head are all unmistakable.
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