SyFy/Sci-Fi Channel pre-history

Tonight there is a 20th anniversary special airing on SyFy/Sci-Fi Channel. A few months ago, I made a quick video showing a pre-launch flyer from 1990 (two years prior to the actual launch) that I've managed to keep all these years.


Rusty Mills, 1962-2012

Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Pink Panther & Pals artist/director/producer Rusty Mills passed away today after a battle with colon cancer.

Cartoony stuff

Since I haven't mentioned them here...

A third DVD set of Tiny Toons will be out on January 8. Then, on February 5, the long-awaited final volume of Animaniacs will be released.

Before then, Animaniacs will begin airing on The Hub, starting on Christmas Eve with a marathon.

Speaking of seven little people...

If you haven't been paying attention, Tom Ruegger let slip last year that he was working at Disney on a retooling of the Seven Dwarfs, with a new design.

He has hired Sherri Stoner to work on it with him as story editor, and Alfred Gimeno as director. The series, called The 7D, will air on the new Disney Junior channel beginning in 2014.

The first official announcement of the series came today.


Mark your calendars for August 14th, 2012. The Tiny Toon Adventures movie How I Spent My Vacation is being released on DVD.

This sets a bit of a precedent, I think. Isn't this the first time that one of the '90s cartoon specials that previously was released on VHS has been re-released on DVD? It's appropriate, of course, since this was the first DTV animated feature.

Animaniacs Babblin' Bijou with its original 1929 soundtrack

Something I threw together about a week ago. Another interesting discovery. Just as putting the original Monkey Song to the Animaniacs audio (even though that one always was intended to have its own version of the song on it) revealed a couple bits of action that related to vocalizations of Harry Belafonte, so putting the original You Oughta See My Gal recording onto Babblin' Bijou reveals that Yakko hitting a polo ball near the end was meant to synchronize with a pop in the original 1929 recording.


Another student Ruegger film...

Last month, I embedded a video of Nathan Ruegger's student film, Another Life.

Have a look now at his dad's animated short film from 1976, The Premiere of Platypus Duck. Somebody at Dartmouth found a copy lying around and has posted it. It's not a very good transfer -- very washed out. Tom has been planning to do a good digital transfer someday. Hopefully he will; the cel setups he has posted on his blog show a lot more color and detail.


Nathan Ruegger's short film

Now that his short film Another Life has finished making its film festival rounds and he's gotten an agent so he can pursue his scriptwriting career, Nathan Ruegger has posted the film online for all to enjoy.