Some of my old Animaniacs parody songs that I still remember

Decided to present these old Animaniacs-related song parodies I wrote back in the day and still remember — one of The Brady Bunch theme, one of The Beverly Hillbillies theme, and one of American Pie which I had written upon the airing of the final episode.

Pulled some shirts and the 1995 A! calendar out of storage so I could wear or take pictures of them to add visuals as the songs play. Everything else seen in the video actually is on permanent display in our house!

If only I could sing better...

Where the Little Dog really has gone...

I noticed that nobody on YouTube had presented this timeless song in its full, original form, complete with German accent and all four verses.

So I decided to do it myself after arranging it for small ensemble. In the full song Der Deitcher's Dog, from 1864, the question of "Where oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" actually gets answered.


A genuine "in Soviet Russia" joke

A couple weeks ago, we went to dinner with a friend and her family, who had defected from the Soviet Union in the 1980s. When her mother saw a strawberry on one of the plates, she commented about how it was out of season, and that it reminded her of a joke they had in Soviet Russia:

When can you buy strawberries in Russia?
From May to June.
When can you buy strawberries in America?
From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" parody with Slappy Squirrel

Just a little idea I had...

Open on a shot of Slappy's half-crazed grin. Zoom out on the opening line.

She has won Academy Awards for her personality alone.

Having zoomed out, we see that she is wielding a large wooden mallet at Motion Picture Academy members who fearfully are holding out Oscars.

Cut to some appropriate Slappy scene of abuse to match the following line.

To her, a bit part is one in which the actor is blown to bits.

Slappy blows up the hapless abuse victim and laughs.

She is... the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world.

Cut to looking up at Slappy's tree house window. She is leaning out the window, on an anvil that is perched on the sill. The word ACME is written on it twice.

I don't always drop anvils, but when I do, I prefer Dos Acme.

She raises the anvil above her head. The camera movement clearly indicates that the operator is alarmed.

Stay still, ya shmutz!

She releases the anvil. The camera falls over as the operator makes a run for it, but we hear his failure, with accompanying shooting stars onto the screen.

Halloween music of 100 years ago?

This weekend I recorded myself playing The Skeleton Rag, a song from 1911 by Percy Wenrich (of Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet, On Moonlight Bay etc. fame) with words by Edward Madden. I added the lyrics to the video. I'm playing it in F though the song sheet music is in E-flat. I also mistakenly played a couple extra measures in the chorus. Oops!

I also messed with "Soft Kitty" from The Big Bang Theory.