Interview with Paul, sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek of just a few short bits from Paul's interview of me as recorded by my nearby camcorder, and some before-and-after video -- especially before as we tried to figure out how to get Skype to record both of us in split-screen. We're both Skype newbies.

Before the recording, Paul got a big laugh out of how I answered the Skype call with a sort of Brooklyn accent pretending I was in the middle of an argument. "...I'm not gonna argue wit you any more; just put the rabbit in your pants! (to mic) Hello? Who's callin'? We're not buyin' anyting!"

Freakazoid theme as Trololo

Paul Rugg's latest "Froynlaven Challenge" is to perform the Freakazoid theme as "The Trololo Guy" referring to the famous video of Eduard Khil singing a lyricless song on Soviet television in 1976. Bonus points for anything involving water, Paul said.

So I did two things involving water!

Of course, if you don't know the Freakazoid theme or the Trololo video, this will make no sense. If you do know them, you'll probably notice some of the crossovers I put into the action and the music. Open the description of the video for a complete list of the subtleties I put into it.

Alas, I'm a bad singer...

Three weeks!

Only three weeks now until penelopecat and I get married here in Carson City, June 25th. Anyone who feels like making the trip out here is welcome -- just let us know! It's just a courthouse deal (and a "reception" at a restaurant afterward), though she did buy a dress. I'll have to get some shoe polish then, I guess...!

James Ellsworth O'Dell Sr. 1936-2011

My dad passed away today. As you recall, he thought he was going to die three years ago and had called me to say his final goodbye, but he recovered from that and a few more scares since. But about a week ago, he was put on a ventilator because his lungs were filling with fluid, and over the past few days, his kidneys began failing as well.

We finally did say our final goodbyes to him, though he could not speak. The nurse would just hold a phone to his ear. I didn't want to make him feel any more distressed, and since we'd already had that talk, I just talked about normal stuff to him -- how Linda and I got our marriage license last week, how I'd recently rebuilt the clutch of my motorcycle, etc. I wanted him to know that I was well and content.

I also told him how people around the world had been enjoying some of the interview clips I shot with him in March 2009 just before I moved out of California. I had not gotten around to posting all nine clips, though. There were four left to post. I posted one three days ago after talking to him for the last time, and the final three tonight.

They're put into a playlist so all of them can be watched together.


Tom Ruegger's show idea that almost made it

If you remember a few years ago, I mentioned that Tom had sent me sneak peeks of a pitch he was working on.

He has just posted some of the art from that concept for all to see (only two of which were among those he sent me), and the story of how it was green-lit and ready for production right up until one new executive joined WB and axed it. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

My thought on this was that WB cartoon purists would not like the mixture of classic Looney Tunes with the Hanna-Barbera characters, knowing how picky those purists are.

Anyway, that new executive instead has produced the new Looney Tunes Show in its place, which also is generally disliked by WB cartoon purists -- for its models and so far the clips being not particularly funny (and Daffy is now a moron -- what gives?).

Which do you suppose would have been the better show?

Hopefully he'll post the other art that was part of this packet he sent to me back then.