Dot Warner's ears -- the old debate revisited

A young Animaniacs fan was wondering about the sort of things that were discussed on a.t.a back in the day. I gave a few examples, one of which was the debate about Dot's design: Do her ears grow from the sides of her head and are tied up, or do they actually grow straight up from the top of her head? I mentioned that no model sheets or scenes in the show ever showed her ears untied or uncovered by a hat, so perhaps there was no answer; maybe the folks at WB simply never had to consider that design element.

Tom Ruegger responded humorously: When her ears were untied, her cuteness became overwhelming and would start wars. So we had to make sure that never happened.

Tom is also waxing nostalgic this week. He has been posting old concept art for potential feature-length Animaniacs movies that were being considered back in the day -- one of which (well, not the artwork) featured a fourth Warner sibling! See his blog:

Keeper sings! and a harrowing tale of bus travel (or lack thereof)

I threw in a bit of vocals and kazoo as I recorded this video during the afterglow party following the 2010 West Coast Ragtime Festival this weekend:

The song is a hit from WW1, When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band to France.

The trip back was a nightmare. Snowing over I80. The bus driver didn't put chains on despite seeing every other vehicle stopped on the road doing so. Eventually, as traffic came to a crawl, it got to the point where the bus couldn't get traction on the ice. He just floored it, spinning the wheels. Tire smoke entered the cabin.

He sat there for 20 minutes, not telling anyone anything, until a CHP officer came up asking why he was stopped in the middle of the road (while traffic was moving along just fine around us). He told the CHP that the bus had broken down.

A big truck pushed the bus to the shoulder, then a tow vehicle towed us over the summit and into Truckee. However, the bus driver still was convinced that the bus was not working. I told him multiple times that it was fine; he just had gotten wheelspin and couldn't go uphill. Now that we were past the summit, the roads were perfectly passable and I was sure the bus could be driven again. He didn't listen.

So we sat in Truckee, in sub-freezing temperatures, for six hours. Greyhound sent a "relief bus" but not from nearby Reno -- from Sacramento. That bus couldn't make it because of an oncoming storm. Another tow driver came by after six hours and told our driver that with the big storm coming in, we needed to get the heck out of there and he should try to move the bus if at all possible.

So, finally, he tried moving the bus. What do you know! There was nothing wrong with the bus after all, just like I had said. We arrived in Reno 6.5 hours late. Because I was catching a cold, I had paid extra to transfer to an earlier bus -- one that should have arrived at 4:25 instead of my originally scheduled bus that arrived at 6:50. But this "earlier" bus arrived at 11:00 -- all due to driver incompetence.

Greyhound couldn't refund my ticket because of the fact I had done the transfer to the earlier bus, so they just wrote me a $75 gift voucher.

For people who were supposed to transfer to another bus, they were stuck in Reno with no place to stay and no more buses leaving until morning. One girl was in tears because it meant she'd still be on the bus while her family was having Thanksgiving dinner. All because of the idiot driver.

Ack! Colors gone!

Don't use LJ much anymore. They've apparently taken away my color scheme! Hmph.

We now have a queen size bed in our guest room. People can come visit now! If you're ever planning a trip to Lake Tahoe or Reno or even closer to here (e.g., Carson City or Virginia City), drop us a line!

Just got a big laugh a moment ago on Facebook. Nathan Ruegger's highly touted short film, Another Life, is showing tonight at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival. He wrote about how he'll be getting a red-carpet treatment and stuff. Sherri Stoner responded in character as Slappy Squirrel: "Now Skippy, when you speak to the reporters, remember your P's and Q's: Piranhas and Quicksand."

Job troubles...

My job is cutting my hours to six per day starting next month. This means a 25 percent pay cut and no more health insurance (though that means the actual take-home pay cut will be less than 25 percent). Hopefully penelopecat will find a job soon. Even if it's part time, two part-time jobs would mean more income than one full-time.

Can't believe I got sunburned just from pulling weeds and mowing the lawn on Saturday morning. I wasn't outside all that long! Me and my pasty white skin.

Tom Ruegger posted some Road Rovers concept art on his blog today. See

He's also posted some early production art of Slappy & Skippy recently, for a post about the upcoming Nostalgia Critic special on Animaniacs (coming August 10th), which will feature interviews with him, John P. McCann, Paul Rugg, Sherri Stoner and Nathan Ruegger. It was takineko who instigated the whole thing.

New House Stuff

Getting furniture into our new house. Already put together two shelves which are now loaded with DVDs, videotapes and a few Blu-Rays that we have even though we don't have a Blu-Ray system yet. Also put together two barstools which are just slightly shorter than they really should be, as it turns out, but they're workable.

Picked up our mail for the first time yesterday. Our first electricity and gas bills, yay! (?) and a note from the district telling us that the water supply has more than twice the legal amount of arsenic in it, but not to worry. Oh gee, well, if we shouldn't worry about it...

Our $10,000+ worth of furniture and appliances that we bought (with only $3000 on 16-month financing, alas, because I've never had credit before, while Linda has good credit but is unemployed) is being delivered tomorrow. Refrigerator, washer & dryer, two TVs, Blu-Ray player, dining table, couch, end table, coffee table, beds, dresser, computer desk, rug... got some bookshelves on the way too at some point.

I guess before long we'll have to get the TV/internet and phone systems up and running. We'll do Vonage for the phone. They have a cheap deal for those who use fewer than 50 hours per month, which certainly applies to us. For the cable TV and internet, I guess we'll start with the 8 mbps net speed and see how workable that is. I have a feeling that the 16 mbps rate will be in our future though.

We'll need to get a router and I'll need a wireless device for my PC, I suppose, since running ethernet cable around the house would be difficult. Don't really like wireless, but there it is. Any brand suggestions?

Still need to clean off the thousands of mosquitoes lining the front door edges in spider webs. I used almost an entire can of mosquito killer around the entryway but we still get a half dozen or so hanging around. Better than the several dozen there used to be, at least.

Not sure when we'll be living there full time yet. New estimate is that the business here isn't going to be moving until probably mid-to-late July.

The word "epic" isn't strong enough

I finally put a copy of my transcription of the Animaniacs theme in front of Tom Brier. I don't know why it took me so long to give him a copy. Maybe I had to prepare for... well, this:

He said he might work on it, as the tune had "potential" for really spicing up. He played it like this on his first look at the score; just imagine what he can do if he works on it!

In other news, penelopecat and I have a house of our own now! We're moving in slowly over the next month and a half. We'll be in the Indian Hills General Improvement District at the northern edge of Douglas County, Nevada -- i.e., just south of the Carson City border.