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Keeper's Journal

(original, ain't it?)

Ron O'Dell
28 September 1970
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I've been known as "Keeper" since about 1984 and have been using the name on the internet since '85 or '86. As far as I know, I'm the first person who used the name on the net, so whenever some johnny-come-lately takes it before me somewhere, I add the "1st" to the end, as I've done here. No, it has nothing to do with any TV shows or movies. It's a long story, but it all originates, in a roundabout way, to my Real Life name.

I've been involved on the net in several niches, from obscure British comedy (some of which has since become mainstream in the U.S.), to sci-fi TV shows, to cartoons (particularly Animaniacs and other shows from WB's "Silver Age" of the 1990s), to ragtime music (I founded the newsgroup rec.music.ragtime), to sim-racing (which takes up most of my free time now).

If you wish to send me email, be sure you put something I'd recognize in the Subject line, in nice big letters (e.g., "CARTOONS" or "RAGTIME"). I've had the same email address for more than a decade, so you can imagine the amount of junk mail I receive.

I am married to penelopecat. We have been together since 1996, though were not married until 2011.

http://www2.cruzio.com/~keeper/toons.html -- my old toons site featuring the Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File, still quite popular.

http://www.armory.com/~keeper/midi.html -- my music site, with MIDI files and MP3s of my own compositions, and a bunch of MIDI files I made dating back to the late 1980s (only a sampling of the amount I actually did way back then). I compose and publish my own sheet music scores.

http://www.youtube.com/user/Keeper1st -- my YouTube page, containing a lot of ragtime, but also a few videos of interest to cartoon fans and other stuff. Check the Playlists to get things "filtered" into categories (but some videos are not in any playlist, so...!).

The "Schools" list below is a bit funky, 'cause I didn't necessarily go to Scotts Valley Middle School; when I went there, it was called Scotts Valley Junior High, for 6th grade was held at Vine Hill in those days. So there.